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Since 1981, Cosmo Films Limited has contributed four dedicated decades to achieve the milestone of a global leader in the packaging industry. Serving all packaging, lamination, and labeling applications, including biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) Films, our experience & expertise are irreplaceable. Company’s desire to create innovative products & future solutions, bridge us with the world’s leading F&B brands, printing & packaging converters.

Likewise, with our extensive portfolio of BOPP-based labels, lamination, packaging, and synthetic paper, we have served all diverse lines to provide flexibility in operations. Our prompt multiple warehousing facilities to serve under the wire services all over the globe is something that saves many. Along with our popular BOPP, CPP, and awaited BOPET Films, we have become the leading manufacturer and exporter of flexible packaging films. Today, we are working on expanding in over 100 countries with plant cum distribution in the U.S, Korea & Japan.

Production Facilities

Cosmo has 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across India, US and Korea.

Installed Nameplate Capacity 

BOPP Thermal Coating Metalizing CPP CSP
Waluj,Aurangabad,India 5 Lines 2 Lines 3 Lines 1 Line 1 Line
Karjan,Vadodra,India 3 Lines 1 Line 2 Lines 1 Line 1 Line
Shendra,Aurangabad,India 1 Line 4 Lines 2 Lines 1 Line
Asan,Korea 1 Line
Hagerstown, US 1 Line
TOTAL INSTALLED CAPACTIY 2,00,000 TPA 40,000 TPA 16,000 TPA 20,000 TPA 9,000 TPA 7,200 TPA